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Providing an End-to-End System for Issuing Authorities to issue Tamperproof Verifiable Documents and creating a Digital Identity for the Recipient to manage their Credential Lifecycle.

Best In Industry

Having clients from both private and public sectors across 6 countries, has allowed BEfied to have a broad-spectrum of exposure and experience. These projects were conceptualized by a committed team, bringing the best implementation outcome to the users.

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About Us

BEfied is a Tamperproof Technology Ecosystem Builder with presence in more than 5 countries: Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Australia. The industries leveraging on our technology are Education, Construction , Real Estate and Healthcare.

We assist the stakeholders in improving their efficiency and productivity by leveraging the tamperproof system developed by BEfied. .

Our Use Cases
1. Education

As education is moving into a hybrid model, many documents are digitized along with this shift. The Acceptance of of Digitized Documents allow recipients to unlock new possibilities.

2. Covid19 HealthCerts

Having the ability to instantly verify tamperproof Vaccination Records and COVID19 Test Result can accelerate the nation to get back to a "new normal" lifestyle. 

3. Construction

Being one of the core sectors in any countries, systemizing workflow involving multiple parties has always been a challenge. That's how blockchain technology can assist in this process. 

4. Real Estate

Blockchain technology can offer a new means for buyers and sellers to connect with one another. cutting intermediaries out of the real estate transaction process, thereby reducing costs

5. Healthcare

The ledger technology facilitates the secure transfer of patient medical records, manages the medicine supply chain and helps healthcare researchers unlock genetic code.

6. Land Registry

Tracking who owns which pieces of property is challenging. The transparent nature of blockchain can make it possible to trace how property changes hands. 

Why Choose Us
Years of Experience

The team consists of individuals with decades of experiences from Management, Business Strategy, Product Management to Blockchain. 

Team Of Experts

If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go as a team. As a team of committed individual to bring their best to you.  

6 Countries

The acceptance of the technology has gained traction over 6 countries. Scaling with deliciated team in each country to better service our clients.

Let The Numbers Speak
Issuing Authorities
Documents Issued
What is HealthCerts?

HealthCerts is a set of digital standards and schema for issuing digital COVID-19 test results certificates that are in line with international standards and the Singapore Government’s requirements.

Who developed HealthCerts?

HealthCerts schema was developed in collaboration with Government Technology Agency (GovTec) and Ministry of Health, Singapore.

What is the format of the QR implementation?

The QR code shall contain the following components:

  • A link to fetch the HealthCerts
  • Decryption key to decrypt HealthCerts payload
  • URL to perform verification of HealthCerts

Key properties: Encryption shall be performed using oa-encrypt QR code shall be readable by any standard QR code reader

How do i join the HealthCerts Community?

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